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Nat Lanyon is a self-taught photographer who travels the world shooting fashion & lifestyle campaigns. His work is evoking & raw, he also has a penchant for capturing those in-between moments while on the road, whether it be natural landscapes or interesting characters that fill the streets on far away cities.


We asked Nat a few questions: 


What is photography to you?

Photography is a way for me to feel creative and also to just capture moments that I would like to remember. 

How would you describe your photographic style?
Always a tough one, I definitely like to keep a natural edge to my work. There are always certain tones/colours that appeal to me and they often show up in my images. Also, I don't like my images too busy, so I guess clean and minimalistic in regards to the subject matter.
How long have you been shooting and what lead you to it?
Since I was about 20, but I have been working as a photographer for 7 years, I was shooting surf cinema for 2 years prior. I made the transition over to photographer around 2013 fulltime.
When did you know you this was it, you were going to be a photographer? 
I'm not sure there was a defining moment for becoming a photographer, as it was a transition and I was already working a little on cinema shorts for surf companies. But I think I had that defining moment when I wanted to get into cinema works and a surf company Rhythm, first offered me a little contract. That was, at the time, very exciting.
Have you changed your approach since you started?
Yeah definitely, more curated, patient and a much better understanding of how small decisions I make will affect my images.
What are you communicating with your photography? 
It depends what I'm shooting, every story has its own direction and feel.
First camera & current weapon of choice?
The first camera was a 35mm Minolta my mom gave to me. it was a great little 35mm Slr. I'm now using the 5D Mark IV Canon.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Movies, Music & other photographers than I aspire too. 
Who or what inspires you? 
My parents inspire me, my brother inspires me, Anton Corbijn, P.T.Anderson, Spike Jonze, Lachlan Bailey, David Bellemere, Joel Marklund, Cass Bird, Andrew Quilty. Just to name a random few, ask me this on any particular day and the list would change, there are so many people doing good things to feel inspired by.
What response do you want from your work? 
People to see something they like! Although again depending on what the assignment is, the feelings I am chasing can change.
Do you have any particularly memorable responses to your work? 
Yeah sometimes early on a few of my pals couldn't believe some of the jobs I was landing & they would ask some bizarre questions.  
Any close calls while shooting? 
Probably when in Sri Lanka, trying to capture some images of the elephants in the National Park. Our tuk-tuk was charged by a solo Male Elephant and nearly stomped. I managed to get a couple of good frames shooting out the side of the tuk-tuk while it chased us swinging its trunk (I wasn't looking, I was shooting out the side of the tuk-tuk blind and it pulled it off). We also escaped unharmed and it was a very scary moment indeed. They are beautiful creatures to see in the wild.
What do you swear by? 
I swear by exercise. for keeping a positive and healthy frame of mind, its something I do daily. I also swear by being honest and truthful. And in regards to camera gear, I swear by Canon, haha!
What are you most looking forward to shooting next? 
I'm just in the midst of shooting some stuff at the Australian Open actually and really enjoyed that! Such supreme athletes.
What type of photography do you want to do more of? 
Definitely sports and landscapes. I also want to shoot more authentic portraits, possibly more artists & hear more everyday stories.
Anything you’d like to add: 
If you got this far, thanks for taking the time to read :)!

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